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AWE AX-775P Power Tiller / Power Weeder

AWE AX-775P Power Tiller / Power Weeder

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Introducing the AWE AX-775P Power Tiller 7.75 hp, designed for premium quality performance. With 32 blades, solid tubeless tires, front wheel, and adjustable shaft, this power tiller is a perfect companion for your farming needs.

Take your agricultural tasks to the next level with the AWE AX-775P Power Tiller. With a powerful 7.75 hp engine, it delivers high-performance results, ensuring efficiency in your farming operations. Its premium quality construction ensures durability and long-lasting usage.

Equipped with 32 blades, this tiller guarantees safe and efficient tilling. The solid tubeless tires provide smooth and stable operation during tilling activities. The front wheel enables easy maneuverability and ensures enhanced safety.

With the adjustable shaft, you can customize the height of the tiller according to your specific requirements. Its sturdy and dual-resistant build helps you enjoy the benefits of the tiller for a long time.

Elevate your farming experience with the AWE AX-775P Power Tiller, offering exceptional performance with reliability.

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