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AWE Battery Sprayer (BS-1212)

AWE Battery Sprayer (BS-1212)

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The AWE Battery Sprayer (BS-1212) is an innovative product that provides 12 Volts and 12 Amps of power. It has an 18L tank capacity for extended use, and a 100 cm long hose for increased reach. The tank is made of heavy plastic, with a width of 22 cm and a length of 44 cm, making it suitable for tight spaces. The lightweight product weighs only 7.5 kg. An adjustable nozzle and extendable handle allow you to customize the water flow rate and angle to suit your needs. The built-in filter removes impurities from the water for a cleaner output.

The AWE Battery Sprayer (BS-1212) is a powerful and versatile product that is perfect for any job. With its double motor, adjustable nozzle, extendable handle, and built-in filter, it is sure to make any task easier.

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